Western Star

Western Star & Flatbed trailer with dismantled F-4E Phantom

07.09.2013 15:59
Credits: Truck Convert by: Nado, as for the trailer the Author is: Namco Bandai Truck: Handling ==== Awesome [9.9/10] Design ==== Awesome [10/10] Interior ==== Bad [2/10] (no steering wheel xD) Lag ==== No (In my Computer) DFF file has 6mb! Damage ==== No Damage [?/10] Bouncing ==== Nope (tested...

Western Star + Log Trailer

25.04.2013 20:53
Western Star + Log Trailer Finnaly I found a good Logger truck to convert, and the first truck I have converted without any bug  this truck is awesome! Credits: Sorry but I haven't find any credits for this truck and trailer Truck Review Handling ==== Awesome [9.9/10] Design ====...