Ural 4320 MES

12.05.2013 19:25
Ural-4320-off-road truck with wheel formula 6 x 6, produced at the Ural automotive plant in Miass (Russia), including for use in the Russian army in the unified army vehicles " Land " to the 1998 year. Ural-4320 was designed for transportation of cargoes, people and towing trailers on all types of roads. Has significant advantages over similar cars: it easily overcomes swampy areas, up to 1.5 m Ford, ditches up to 2 m, ditches, climbs up to 60%. Inducted into service in 1977, this truck is manufactured to this day. The main difference from the Ural-375 d line is a diesel engine. The Ural-4320 is initially equipped with engine KAMAZ-740, but a fire at the plant of KAMAZ engines in 1993 year, deliveries of the engine stopped, and began to apply engines YAMZ 236 and 238 YMZ Yaroslavl Motor plant. Modifications to the engine ЯМЗ 238 differ in appearance much longer engine compartment. In 2009, the automobile series began installing new cabin with front and rear wings there.