Cheetah Gooseneck Container 40ft + Great Dane Dryan 48ft

26.07.2013 18:13
Cheetah Gooseneck Container 40ft + Great Dane Dryan 48ft I was bored so I have converted these 2 trailers, both trailers has direfferent logos and they appear randomly Credits: Convert: Nado (ME) Great Dane Dryvan 48ft...

Strick 38/48 Dryvan Trailers

13.07.2013 20:39
Just got em from a good friend,both trailers are in very good condition and ready to hit the roads Strick 48 Dryvan Credits: Chris rockhobbit99 Dan RobertLidstroem Redneck Ventures87/Wendi truck29 Chris/Chriszor Convert to GTA SA Strick 38...

US Trailer Pack

13.07.2013 20:30
2006 Great Dane Dryvan - Artict1 Credits: Original trailer model by Chris(bay0net) Kodiak982 for the Great Dane Logo on the front of the trailer. Cedric for redoing the trailer Ventures87/Wendi 2006 Great Dane Tri-axle Dryvan - Artict3 Credits: Original trailer model by...


24.04.2013 20:42
No lag in my computer cool trailer! Screen's: Link: Autor in gta sa:Mr.Sova aka Sova[51]&FesO


24.04.2013 20:41
Link: Autor FesO aka Sova[51]&Mr.Sova NO LAG!

Nefaz trailer from (Dalnoboishiki 3) Russian Film about truckers

07.08.2012 17:31
  Handling: Good. Design: Awesome. Lag or bouncing: No (maybe little bouncing). Opcodes: No Opcodes. Replace: artict1 Just click to that link..! Link:

Container Trailer

07.08.2012 17:30
Handling: ***** = Same as Original Design: **** = If you like Container trailers / Gts trailers i think you will like it Opcodes: 0 = If you replace it with Artict1 - 3 you won't get any Lag: *** = I don't want to lie but it lags a bit! Pictures Download Here!


07.08.2012 17:25
Caterpillar Handling====>[9/10]Good Design====>[10/10]Amazing Damage====>No. Lag or bouncing==>No(In my computer) Opcodes====>0...


07.08.2012 17:16
Handling = [9/10] Design = [9/10] Interior = ---- Lag = Nope at my Pc Bouncing =no. OpCodes = No.   2 color ways.  

Viberti trailer

07.08.2012 17:10
Author: Trucker Convert to Gta: [UA]Exclus1ve Wheels: Ventyres Handling = [8/10] Design = [9/10] Lag = Nope at my PC. Bouncing = a little i think.. OpCodes = No. Trailer in archive have other...
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