Renault Premium

17.12.2013 14:51
Credits: Show content Authors: Sheryo, D9DbKO, Ventyres. Convert/edit: ExclusiveUA. Screens: Handling: Rate by yourself Design: Rate by yourself Interior: Rate by yourself Lag or bouncing: Rate by yourself Download  

Renault Magnum

17.12.2013 14:47
Converted from GTS Special thx to KubaTaky for chrome and wheels Handling and design are pretty good, interior is bad, doors are openable.

Renault Magnum 520 DXi

17.12.2013 14:40
Credits -> ??_? ??, Knox_xss, SCS I converted this Magnum Legend 520DXi with both Paintjobs Replaces - RoadTrain Download -> DFF - 8MB TXD - 6MB

Renault Magnum 6x2

17.12.2013 14:39
Yep another great truck! It's a Magnum so... Design is the best, interior is good it's not too much detailed, no opcodes and a little bouncing (depends). San Andreas plates, lights and chrome! 2 Versions: Plain red and Red Skinned. Both are NOT Paintable (looks better imo). Couldn't find credits so...

Renault Magnum DXI

14.08.2013 23:13
Credits: Shery0 Ventyres slash93(Scania Fahrer) sk1p33r Convert to GTA: ExclusiveUA. Interior is epic btw Link: Replace: linerun No lags. Model got bugs, if you can, you can finish it Forbidden to reupload to gtavicecity, use original link please.

Renault Magnum 500 Euro5

13.07.2013 20:41
Renault Magnum 500 Euro5 Handling : Awsome for a EU truck mod interior : Good Openable doors : yes Color change : yes Damage : No damage Design : Awsome Lag/bounce : Not on my pc Opcodes : No Dff and Txd size ....

Renault Magnum + Unknown Trailer

13.07.2013 20:33
This is not my MOD.. Hello, I have for you a very funny piece, excepting some of which would be suitable to add. This truck is called Renault Magnum and is converted from ETS2 .. As for the trailer that is also probably the ETS2 but I do not know the name or type. This truck have...

Renault Premium II and Schmitz Mega

25.04.2013 20:06
Renault Premium II and Schmitz Mega Authors for GTS: i don't know. Converted By: [PAT]MarcineK Handling=======> Awesome. Design  =======> Awesome. Interior =======> Very Good. Damage=======> No. Lag or bouncing=> No Lag ( In my Computer...

Renault premium

25.04.2013 19:58
Author-SCS Convert-Raszja color chanage Replace roadtrain Handling - --/-- rating by yourself Design - --/-- rating by yourself Interior --/-- rating by yourself Lag -No (In my Computer) Damage -no Bouncing - no OpCodes - No OpCodes

Renault Premium I old editon

07.08.2012 17:13
[Click on image if you want full screen] Handling = [9/10] Design = [9/10] Interior = [7/10] Because is mix with premium I and  II Lag = Nope at my Pc Bouncing =no. OpCodes = No. Bad Points = No Damages,Door's don't open. Fixed.
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